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Adhesive Mechanism Of Rubber And Skeleton Material
Mar 29, 2017

Analysis of the heterogeneous material sticky Taiwan commonly used limb agent, key Taiwan agent and the scale of Taiwan to promote the different concepts and the production of sticky force of the original field and China's Taiwan-Taiwan agent of the method of Yan Yan focus on the assessment of r rubber-type adhesive Qi f The theory of adsorption, electrostatic theory and diffusion theory. It is pointed out that the resorcinol resin type directly (HRH) and the impregnated clay surface fRFI. ) Can only be produced with the adulteration of the role of bonding and oxygen bonding, and can be used with the rubber chamber to produce oxygen stripe decay and sub-methyl space ashamed to use {organic cobalt salt to promote the rubber and yellow actinium keypad Of the activated copper sulfide has a modulation effect of Bai Bai black particles in the silanol acid surface can be blamed in addition to moisture on the destruction of the interface

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