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Neoprene Popsicle Holder Are Creamy White
Jun 01, 2017

  Neoprene Popsicle Holder are creamy white, beige or light brown flaky or blocky, and are the-of chloroprene (i.e. 2-chloro-butadiene) as the main feedstock for α-polymerization. The solubility parameter of CR is the δ Seringe 209.41. Soluble in toluene, xylene, two vinyl chloride, vanadium ethylene, slightly soluble in acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate, cyclohexane, insoluble in N-hexane, solvent gasoline, but soluble in the appropriate proportion of good solvents and poor solvents and solvents and non-solvent and solvent, as well as a mixture of solvents and solvent, in vegetable oil and mineral oil dissolved without dissolution.

  Neoprene Popsicle Holder has good physical and mechanical properties, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-resistant, sun-resistant, ozone-resistant, acid-resistant, chemical resistance. The disadvantage is cold resistance and poor storage stability. It has high tensile strength, elongation and reversible crystallization, and good bonding. Anti-Aging, heat resistance. Excellent resistance to oil and chemical corrosion resistance. Weatherability and ozone-resistant ageing are second only to ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. Heat resistance and NBR equivalent, decomposition temperature 230, short-term can be 120, in the 8000 can be used for a long time, with a certain degree of flame retardant. Oil-resistant after nitrile rubber. Resistant to inorganic acid, alkali corrosion is good. Cold resistance is slightly worse, electrical insulation is not good. Poor storage stability of raw rubber, will produce "self sulfur" phenomenon, Mooney viscosity increase, raw rubber harden.

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