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Seven Kinds Of Industrial Rubber Synthetic Rubber To Complete The Industrialization Of Tackling
Mar 29, 2017

As the "Eleventh Five-Year" ending of the year, this year China's synthetic rubber industry has a revitalization of the industrialization of the news. China's first set of independent research and development of the plant isoprene rubber plant 15,000 tons / year isoprene rubber project in Maoming Luhua Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully put into operation, to fill the gaps in the domestic isoprene rubber, thus China's seven basic rubber synthetic rubber To achieve industrialization.

As the only seven domestic synthetic rubber is not the industrialization of the species, the pace of exploration of isoprene rubber technology has never stopped. As early as the last century, 70 years, China has been the first in the international development of rare earth technology, because of its raw material isoprene production scale was limited. Since this century, with the shortage of natural rubber, isoprene rubber R & D once again become the focus of attention. In particular, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, isoprene rubber industry technology research and development and application is a comprehensive speed.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the domestic ethylene production increased from 7.55 million tons to 13.8 million tons. With the growth of ethylene production capacity, carbon five resources are greatly enriched, separation technology is increasingly mature and perfect, so that the domestic isoprene to achieve large-scale production, eliminating the constraints of the development of raw materials such as bottlenecks.

At present, China's improved rare earth rare earth system for many years has become increasingly obvious advantages. Compared with the foreign lithium, titanium technology, rare earth technology has high activity, low dosage, strong adaptability to the raw material specifications, product properties by the amount of catalyst and the amount of catalyst and the characteristics of smaller, so as to solve the years Product quality instability.

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